about us

Leaving his hometown, Sequals, in the Friuli region of Italy, Giovanni Bertin journeyed to the promising city of Milwaukee in 1915 where he first established American Marble Mosaic Company, thereby setting into motion a family business that would mature over three generations. Guided by the high standards elevated by the Italian stone craftsmen, Giovanni wished to extend that level of quality and proficiency here in America and he successfully did so until his retirement prior to World War 2. After stepping down from the business that he created, he passed the family tradition of artistic and technical excellence to his son, Bruno Bertin.

In 1948 as Milwaukee began to languish, Bruno made the decision to relocate American Marble to the Post-War burgeoning city of Houston, Tx. Where he began to thrive...and as the city grew, American Marble grew as well, bolstered by a continuing pride and commitment to delivering the finest product to its customers. Over time, American Marble has become firmly ensconced in the service of the Houston community as well as so many other communities.

Today American Marble Mosaic Company is transformed dramatically since its humble beginnings in Milwaukee. Although the technology has advanced greatly and American Marble has established itself as one of the most accomplished companies of its kind in the region, Bruno's son, Bob Bertin, continues the family business ethic of taking pride in one's work and settling for nothing short of excellence.

Since 1915, architects and contractors have relied on American Marble Mosaic Company to provide the installation of the finest grades of marble, granite, tile, and terazzo. For three generations, we have upheld the very highest standard of service, quality, aesthetics and value in hand-crafted stonework.